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A revolutionary social media app designed to create systemic change. Protect your privacy, your planet, and build a better world in a few minutes a day.

An Easy Tool for Reclaiming the Future

Our Team

We've got a global team focused on driving impact, change and power back into the hands of consumers.

We know you've heard of carbon footprint, but have you ever thought about your economic footprint? We've always been told corporations, the economy, governments- they are all too big to change. Then the pandemic happened.

Now we know: change is possible, healthy, and we shouldn't do it only in a disaster. Changing systems is the root of a healthy society. We'll help you Reclaim your economic footprint and change the world!

We Know Now That Change is Possible 

AdTech is responsible for massive inequality. You can Reclaim it for massive good. 

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Pick the cause you care most about.

Choose an environmental impact project to fund with your attention.

Interact with ads to build your impact.

Watch as your nonprofit and school are automatically funded.

Rethink advertising.

Reclaim the planet.




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We're not interested in letting companies just advertising at you, we turn consumers into influencers with a say in the process.


Differentiate your value and turn potential customers into partners. Sustainability isn't a one bucket niche anymore.


4Earth profits the planet but there is money to be made while doing good, too.



Use your social media influence to do good!

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Pitch 4Good

Your creativity, your friend's innovations, humanity's heart to improve- that's what brought us from sticks and rocks to empires and spaceships. And that's what will push us to become a regenerative world.  

Lead the Sustainable Generation Economy

December 2021 - April 2022, 4Earth is hosting a global sustainability pitch competition, Pitch4Good. Be the change you want to see. We'll help.

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